Homewood-based interior designer works nationwide


Interior designer Tammy Connor. Photo courtesy of Jean Allsopp.

Tammy Connor grew up rearranging her room in as many ways as she could. Today she arranges homes for clients across the country from her business, Tammy Connor Interior Design, on Oxmoor Road.

The apartment she is currently working on in New York City will soon be added to her list of completed projects: a cabin in Tennessee; an apartment in Chicago; and houses in Pennsylvania, Charlottesville, Virg., and Winter Park, Colo.

Traditional Home magazine named Connor its New Traditional Designer 2012, and Tammy Connor Interior Design was recognized by Elle Décor as the “Blogger’s Choice” for up-and-comers to watch in 2012.

“[Interior design] is a creative outlet for creative energy, and it’s always different,” Connor said. “No day and no client is the same. It’s fun to coordinate my opinion and theirs. I love being able to visualize something and make it happen, to see it in reality.”

Connor particularly enjoyed working on the home of Philip Trammell Shutze’s house, the architect for the Swan House in Atlanta. His house, the Patterson-Carr house, has inviting garden accesses all around the property of several acres. Her ties with Shutze don’t stop there; the SE Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture awarded her with the Philip Trammell Award for Interior Design.

Around Birmingham, Connor has worked with the Birmingham Country Club and a number of different residences. The Homewood native lives down the street from her childhood home with her husband, Geoff, an orthopedic surgeon, and their two kids, Charlotte and Sam. Connor brings her 13-year-old Springer Spaniel, Ella, to work with her almost every day.

Tammy Connor Interior Design first started in 1999 when Connor was living in Charleston. In Charleston, she worked on many projects downtown and at several vacation home spots. One of her clients in Charleston had a house in Atlanta, which began her Atlanta travels. Ten years ago, Connor moved her business to Birmingham in English Village and then to its current location on Oxmoor Road in the summer of 2009.

The Connors’ house in Homewood is a place for Connor to take a break from her work.

“It’s fairly monochromatic: neutral with mostly antiques and comfortable upholstery,” Connor said. “Being around design and color at work all the time, I like it more peaceful and it’s nice to have a break from it at home. It neutralizes me.”

Tammy Connor Interior Design is located at 1809 Oxmoor Road. You can reach the business at 871-9797 or visit www.tammyconnorid.com. To see more of Tammy Connor’s style and work, visit her blog at http://tammyconnorid.com/blog.

Tammy’s Tips for Home Design:
1. Be true to yourself and your own style.
2. Focus on quality and invest in things you can have long-term.
3. Layer the old and new by putting antiques with unique items.
4. Create interiors that are inviting and really comfortable—beautiful pieces, but also comfortable ones.


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