Senior Center receives tulip poplar

Front row: Ann Damsgard of Edgewood Garden Club, Senior Center member Antoinette Klein. Second row: Anlie Green of Edgewood Garden Club, Senior Center Director Aimee Thornton-Vance, Senior Center member Dottie Collins. Third row: Clifford Lake, Jamie Cook, and Dusty Johnson of Homewood Parks & Rec Landscaping. (Not pictured: Chris Underwood, President of Edgewood Garden Club).

The Edgewood Garden Club chose Homewood Senior Center as the recipient of their 2011 live tree donation. To select the species and particular place to plant it, Senior Center Director Aimee Thornton-Vance consulted with Henry Hughes of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and they decided on a tulip poplar, the tallest hardwood species in the Eastern United States.

Homewood Park & Recreation’s Landscape crew planted the tree on Jan. 20 on the northwest lawn of the Senior Center adjacent to Patriot Park. Senior Center members and Patriot Park visitors look forward to the tree’s large yellow tulip-shaped blooms with orange markings in late spring and its glowing yellow foliage in autumn.


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