Historical markers for Edgewood homes

Derek, Vanessa, Genevieve and Vivienne Champigny of 212 Peerless Avenue, formerly the R.E. Griffin House c.1924.


Bungalow cottages popular in Homewood’s early years still stand out with their charm in Homewood’s historical neighborhoods. Some homes in the Edgewood community were built in the early 1920s even before Homewood was incorporated as a city in 1924.

Derek and Vanessa Champigny are owners of one such a home, a bungalow in Edgewood on Peerless Avenue.  After two years of living there, the Champignys were intrigued by its unknown history and set about to discover its past. The Champignys suspected one owner had been a milkman because the shed in the back housed a small one-horse stall, and a horse could have been used for milk deliveries. (The Champignys’ shed was later remodeled to house their modern horsepower in the form of a garage.)

In 2009, the family obtained a historical marker through a process initiated with the Jefferson County Historical Commission.  They went online to fill out an application form with the Commission, called the Commission to start the process, and then did the research required through the Jefferson County Library Archives.

In the archives, they uncovered a hard copy file from the Probate Office containing 1940 negatives from which the Commission made a 5×7 picture of their home. They also discovered the original owner’s name and occupation per the deed records.

After a two month process, including review and follow-up by the Commission, their home was designated as a historical home and recognized with a plaque awarded by the Historical Commission.

For information on obtaining a historical marker for your home, contact the Jefferson County Historical Commission at 324-0988 or  www.jeffersonhistorical.org/marker.html.


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