Taste of Homewood set for Feb. 23


Ruth Chris Steakhouse serves a taste of their menu at last year’s Taste of Homewood at Rosewood Hall in SOHO.

Love for Homewood can usually only be rivaled by love for a a Pastry Art baby bite, Demitri’s barbecue, a Pinches taco, a Nabeel’s gyro, an O’Henry’s coffee, a Jackson’s Cookie Dough Egg Roll, an Urban Cookhouse orange roll, or whatever your favorite Homewood dish may be. Fortunately, we can get a taste of all Homewood’s dining scene in one place once a year.

The annual Taste of Homewood event will take place Thursday, Feb. 23, 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Rosewood Hall in SOHO.

There will be food and drinks from around 50 vendors. Entertainment will be provided by Alan Barlow.

“Taste of Homewood gives you the opportunity to experience Homewood’s best in food service and catering vendors and an opportunity to socialize with other folks from Homewood,” said former Homewood Chamber of Commerce president Phillip Poole. “It’s a wonderful showcase for what our city is all about.”

Residents and restaurant owners both anticipate the annual event.

“Taste of Homewood allows us to see our customers and gives us an opportunity to showcase things that we do that other stores don’t do,” Andy Virciglio of Piggly Wiggly said.

Last year at the event the Pig introduced their new house line of wines and offered a tasting of crab cakes and remoulade sauce.

“It’s a great forum to introduce your food to a lot of people who haven’t tried it yet,” said Pinches Tacos owner Ty Taylor. “I also really enjoy the great atmosphere and great energy there.”

The Chamber started the Taste of Homewood 11 years ago with only a few restaurants participating, and it really started to grow after finding a new home at Rosewood Hall.

“Since I started (as chamber director) four years ago, we’ve tripled the attendance and grown our number of vendors,” said Homewood Chamber of Commerce Director Tricia Ford.

This year the Chamber anticipates hosting around 500 guests and 50 vendors. Ford said there is also increased interest in the event from all over Birmingham and the state.

All money raised will go back to the Chamber to support local businesses.

“My favorite part is seeing how much fun everyone else is having and what a celebration of Homewood it is,” Ford said. “Even the vendors have a good time.”

Tickets to Taste of Homewood are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at the Homewood Chamber of Commerce, located in the Homewood Library; at BB&T Bank, 1900 29th Avenue South; or online at www.homewoodchamber.com.

For more information on Taste of Homewood, call Tricia Ford at 871-5631.


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