Sweaty Moms Running Club


Sweaty moms Julie Croushorn, Jennifer Andress, Mary Ben Fitts, Jen Jackson, Marian Dill. Photo courtesy of Wynter Davis.

It’s ironic how an off-handed comment can sometimes fuel a brilliant idea, even a new business endeavor. That is exactly how it all began for the Homewood moms of “Sweaty Moms Running Club.”

Five women, four of whom are Homewood residents, began their “club” with the original goal of simply running faster. Their quest brought them together once a week on the track where they focused on intense speed training.

“We are serious runners who don’t take ourselves too serious,” founder Mary Ben Fitts said. “Being moms we all wear many hats, one of which is now a runner. In the process of multi-tasking, sometimes running has to be squeezed in between the kids’ school, sports and after-school activities.”
The story began when one of the moms in the group rushed in a run during her child’s after-school activity. Another mom later heard this mom referred to in conversation as always being “so sweaty,” and thus the name was born.

Fitts says they are not ashamed of the title but proud to earn their “sweaty” status. The group’s philosophy has now evolved into being about community.

“It’s about pushing beyond your physical limits,” Fitts said, “and replacing ‘I can’t’ with ‘Look what I just did.’ ”
Sweaty Moms Running Club participates in several race expos each year in Birmingham and surrounding cities. They have even developed a line of t-shirts with various slogans including ”Sweaty, the new hot.”
For more information on products and ordering information or how to become part of the Sweaty Moms Running Club, visit www.sweatythenewhot.com.


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