Homewood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry: Business Spotlight


Julie Webb, DMD and Deanne Vail, DMD of Homewood Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Photo by Anna Cate Little.

Customers age two to 98 come to Homewood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for everything from routine cleanings to veneers, whitening and implants. Homewood resident and mom-of-four Deanne Vail, DMD and her partner, Hoover resident Julie Webb, DMD have been in practice on Oxmoor Road since 2006. While February is officially “National Children’s Dental Health Month,” this Homewood business is dedicated to children’s (and adults’) oral health each and every month.

“February is an optimal time to reinforce the importance of good oral health,” said Vail. “We always stress to our patients that regular dental cleanings and checkups every six months are vital to maintaining the health of one’s mouth.”

Each February, the staff visits local elementary schools and preschools to educate kids on proper brushing and flossing in both technique and frequency. They also discuss the importance of a balanced diet in minimizing the effects of dental decay.

“Our goal in February (and all year-round) is to teach these children that good oral health starts early,” said Vail. Among the schools they will visit are Shades Cahaba, South Highland Presbyterian and The Exceptional Foundation.

Vail is no stranger to the threat young kids have on their developing teeth and jaws. With four young boys all involved in sports, she stresses how important a role mouth guards play in contact sports. With this in mind, Vail and Webb have taken on a major charitable service to all Homewood residents, whether or not they are patients.

“We are offering free custom mouth guards to our Homewood athletes,” Vail said. “We’re doing what we can to help prevent any injuries to their developing teeth or jaw growth.”

Parents can simply call to make an appointment. An impression of the teeth is made, which only takes about five minutes, and within a day or so, the parent can come back by to pick up the custom-made mouth guard. Already, 300 members of the local recreation basketball league have signed up.

“We are dedicated to these kids,” said Vail.

As a full-time dentist, not to mention a wife and mother, Homewood is fortunate to have both a resident and business owner committed to working overtime to serve our community.

“I lived in Homewood during dental school, and [my husband and I] loved it so much that we decided to make Homewood our [permanent] home,” said Vail.

As for their business, “Dr. Webb and I both felt like Homewood is such a central location that not only would allow us to serve our community here but also allow us to serve surrounding communities as well, which it does,” Vail said.

Homewood Dentistry prides itself on being family friendly while offering life-changing cosmetic procedures. Flat-screen plasma TVs and relaxing gas make regular visits as comfortable as possible. Yet, the art of porcelain veneers, dental implants or complete restorative dentistry is what gives patients something to truly smile about.

“Dentistry is certainly an art that can absolutely change someone’s life,” said Vail. “We’ve seen so many times over the years the increased confidence that patients get from having a pretty smile. Honestly, your smile leaves a lasting impression, so it makes a big difference in your overall attitude and confidence level.”

Homewood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, LLC
1752 Oxmoor Road
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


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