New signage on I-65 to promote area


After a two year approval and installment process, the Lakeshore Drive exit on I-65 has new logo signs that advertise restaurants, gas stations and other area attractions near the exit.

“As of right now we have pioneered the logo signs for the Lakeshore exit,” Sam Scott, Homewood City Council member of Ward 1, said. “This is the first time in the history of Homewood, and it is a huge accomplishment.”

Scott hopes these signs will be a successful start to adding more signage on the interstate in the future.

“Before we add more signs, however, we need to show a history of successful merchant logo occupancy on the Lakeshore exit,” Scott said. “This was a tough issue to get passed, but hopefully it will show that this is good for the people and area of Homewood.”

ALDOT has a policy that regulates and disallows signage in an urbanized setting. Even though this policy is still in existence, due to relentless lobbying, signs were finally installed at Lakeshore.

For beautification purposes, Homewood has a strict ordinance that doesn’t allow signs to be above a certain height or square-footage. The next option was the current logo signs.

Each day thousands of automobiles travel the I-65 corridor between Oxmoor and Lakeshore. Due to this high density of traffic, the signs will hopefully cause increased revenue for the area as many of the restaurants, hotels and gas stations are not fully visible from the road.

“The signs allow for more advertisement for the area,” Scott said. “These signs will generate more income for merchants in Wildwood. I think it is a fantastic thing, and a step in the right direction.”


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