Homewood’s star rededicated


The star that hangs above 18th Street each holiday season. Photo courtesy of Virginia Jones.

Frank Young, the owner of Sikes Children’s Shoes, has a front-row view of the star each year.

“Ever since I opened up shop that star has been here,” Young said. “It just has become a part of my life during the holidays in Homewood.”

Don Stewart, owner of DS Art, even created an ornament of the Homewood star to honor it.

“The Homewood Star Christmas ornament is the only ornament that is completely sold out,” Stewart said. “It is a direct illustration of the star that hangs downtown each holiday season.”

Douglass W. McConnell welded the star over 60 years ago and donated it to the city of Homewood. He made the star in the shop of McConnell Sales & Engineering.

Accordingly, McConnell’s family was honored by Mayor Scott McBrayer as a part of the star’s Nov. 28 rededication ceremony. The Homewood Chamber of Commerce held the ceremony to share with the community the history and tradition of the star and the McConnell family.

“The star has always been a patriotic sign of the community,” said Tricia Ford, director of the Homewood Chamber of Commerce. “It has simply become synonymous with our city.”

“I think it was so great that the star was rededicated,” said Arthur McConnell, Douglass’ son. “It shows that it is still important to the community of Homewood.


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