The Diamond Dealer: Business Spotlight

The Diamond Dealers

Billy and John Bromberg, owners of The Diamond Dealer. Photos courtesy of The Diamond Dealer.


What sets The Diamond Dealer apart from the other jewelry stores in town? Armed with 60 combined years in the business, owners John and Billy Bromberg say that it’s a combination of their high quality diamonds and colored gemstones as well as settings to match that stands out to their clients. “Once you know you have the best,” he said, “you look of course for value.  And we set up our business specifically to provide this value.” The brothers opened their Homewood store in 2003.

The Birmingham natives note that their experience has provided professional contacts throughout the country to obtain the best pieces. The prestigious Diamond Dealers Club of New York opens doors to obtain whatever diamond a client wants at an affordable price.

The brothers emphasize their concern for providing personal, face-to-face service to their clients. “We appreciate helping clients select gifts,” Billy said. “It’s rewarding to earn the trust of someone who wants to give an important and lasting treasure.” Clients can walk in or schedule an appointment.
John and Billy both design the pieces in their store. “We can translate your wish from your mind’s eye to a gorgeous piece that you’ll wear always,” Billy said.

In addition, you can find pieces from earlier eras in their display cases. “When you look at the old Art Deco pins or necklaces, there’s a charm that captures the imagination,” John said. “The value in these pieces is phenomenal, too.”  The store also sells designs by Birmingham’s Comer Neal, which they see as a rare privilege to carry.

The store has found a fitting home in Homewood. “In Homewood, you find designers and shops who represent the best in modern living,” John said.  “Our clients flock to Homewood for its excellence, and they can easily see us when they are in Homewood. And we enjoy seeing so many old and new clients strolling around the city.”

Over the years in the business, John and Billy have seen clients appreciate the value of their jewelry investment. “Our returning clients always mention how glad they are to have acquired their previous pieces,” Billy said. “They may start with some beautiful diamonds for rings at the time of a wedding, then later there may be occasions for diamond stud earrings, perhaps a diamond pendant necklace, and a larger ring for the right hand.”  The brothers recommend commemorating family milestones will such core pieces that can be passed down to the next generation.

John notes that fine jewelry is not just classic but also fashionable. “People are realizing that better jewelry adds so much to the total look—and it’s permanent,” he said. “Our customers often want something great looking to wear every day with jeans and sweaters, or downtown tailored suits.” Many of their clients build a collection one piece at a time over years.

What’s popular now? Customers like the striking color of gemstones such as black opal, ruby, emerald and multi-color sapphire. The store has also seen an increased interest in black and white South Sea pearl necklaces.
Fashions will come and go, but the Bromberg brothers emphasize that their mission will always remain to provide the best jewelry at the best value.

The Diamond Dealer
2902 18th Street South
Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.


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