Super Moms of Homewood


Balancing a family along with commitments outside the home and well, life in general, is a job that our Homewood moms have, over the years, done with grace. In their honor, we are highlighting four “super moms” who somehow manage to pull it all together. This Mother’s Day, we say thank you to all of the moms out there. No matter what you do, you are all super!

Bryant Family

Jody, Stephanie, Hutch and Tucker at a 50s party

Teacher Super Mom
Stephanie Brant

Family: Husband Jody, Tucker (10), Hutch (5)
Job: I am a Kindergarten teacher at Hall Kent Elementary where I attended elementary school.
Q: What is a life lesson you apply to being a mom that you also apply to being a teacher?
A: I feel that I am a better teacher because I am a mother. I focus on teachable moments in both areas. My students are someone’s baby, and they trust me with their most cherished and loved possessions to mold, teach and care for each day. Even when my own boys make me want to pull my hair out, I have to stop and do what I do with my students and look for the teachable moments.
Q: How do you stay sane?
A: The main thing is to always be flexible! My family lives by this saying: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That is why we call it the present.” B.Olatunji
Q: What are some ways you and your family spend quality time together?
A: We are known as the “Disney Family.” We spent our honeymoon in Disney and vacation there with our family a lot! Jody and I also enjoy a day of never leaving the house with the boys to just hang out and watch movies.
Q: What is the thing you wish most for your kids?
A: That my children may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, and that through God’s grace and wisdom, He will protect them, hold them up and show them the plans He has for them.

Small Business Owner Super Mom
Melissa Hill

Hill Family

Melissa and Caine Hill along with Lottie, Lola and Fox

Family: Husband Caine, Lorraine (3), Charlotte and Fox (twins, 22 months)
Job: Weddings Etc. is a stationery and gift boutique in downtown Homewood. We carry a great range of traditional and modern papers for all of life’s occasions.  We also carry little wedding lovelies like vintage hankies, sixpence, handmade guest books and a great selection of jewelry.
Q: What is your definition of sanity?
A: Sanity = going with the flow.
Q: What are some ways you and your family spend quality time together?
A: Sunday is the only day we are all together.  We go to breakfast and play at the park. Sunday is my favorite day because we enjoy the benefit of co-parenting all day. We truly enjoy each other (rather than stressing about dishes and prepping the next meal).
Q: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
A: The incredible excitement I am greeted with when I get home. Every day is like New Year’s when I walk through the door!

Corporate Super Mom
Kathryn Mitchell

Reg, Walker, Julia and Kathryn Mitchell

Reg, Walker, Julia and Kathryn Mitchell

Family: Husband Reg, Walker (10), Julia (6), Leroy and Boomer (dogs)
Job: I am an Executive Assistant at Altec Inc. We are the company that manufactures bucket trucks.  Prior to that, I was with Delta Air Lines for 19 years.  (My children think I own all Delta Air Planes and all bucket trucks.
 Q: How do you balance your corporate world and being a mom?  
A: That is easy, Mrs. Veronica; everyone should have a Mrs. Veronica. She started out as a temporary nanny five years ago and now is a dear friend and a part of our family. We love her and are so fortunate to have her in our life.
Q: What is your secret to time management?
A: The pastor at my church talks about “first things first.”  My priorities are God, family, work and then everything else.  Monday nights are date nights with my handsome husband. We have a dependable and responsible babysitter and of course, Mrs. Veronica, our daytime nanny.
Q: What is the thing you wish most for your kids?
A: Love God and love people!  I want them also to live the motto: “Thoughts become words; Words become actions; Actions become habits; Habits become character.”

Super Mom of Multiples
Lauren Tanner

Tanner Family

Brian and Lauren Tanner with MaryCase, Madeline, William and Caroline

Family: Husband Brian, Ree Ree (nanny and definitely part of the family), MaryCase (5); Madeline, Caroline and William (3)
Job: Area Vice President of Business Development for Amedisys Home Health Care. Amedisys offers personalized skilled services (nursing, physical therapy, etc.) to patients and their families in the comfort of their own homes.
Q: What are your time management secrets having a full-time job and being a mom of four kids, three of whom are triplets?
A: A great support system – I am blessed with a supportive husband, family, friends and a great nanny. Planning is also key. Luckily, I am type A and like to stay organized, so it has helped tremendously with getting my family places on time as well as myself. I never go anywhere without my calendar/day planner! Flexibility is also a must. All the preparation and organization in the world does not help when the triplets decide to melt down in a restaurant all at the same time. Being flexible helps us remain calm and realize this is not a real crisis.
Q: How do you and your family spend quality time together?
A: We love to spend quality family time together on Saturdays, usually in the backyard or all piling up on the couch reading books. We also enjoy church together on Sundays. My husband and I feel strongly that it is important to spend time with each of our children individually and that they get that undivided attention they crave. Saturdays are spent dividing our time to get that one on one time with each of our kids or at least two on one time. Whether it is getting ice cream, running to the grocery store, or a quick trip to the park, it is in these little moments as a mom I get the most pleasure. It is amazing how their personalities change from a group environment of four siblings to just being with mom or dad and one sibling.
Q: What was an initial obstacle you had to overcome being a mom of multiples?
A: I had to learn to let go of things that are not important and realize laundry and dishes can wait. Not missing a moment with my kids was more important to me; they grow up so quickly. I had to realize that life will always be busy and somewhat chaotic at times so I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and I laugh more!


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