Meet your City Council Members: Anthony “Tony” Smith

Tony Smith

Councilmember Anthony “Tony” Smith

Each month The Homewood Star will feature a different city council member in order of wards. This month we are proud to highlight Anthony “Tony” Smith from Ward 1, Place 1.

Q: Tony, tell us a little bit about your placement on the council and how long you have been serving Ward 1, Place 1.

I have been honored to serve on the City Council for about 6.5 years now. I was elected to the City Council in 2004 and then re-elected in 2008. I am currently serving as the Chairman of the Council’s Public Safety Committee. I am also a member of the Council’s Finance Committee.

Q:  Any particular issues right now facing your ward?

One of our biggest recurring issues is speeding and the danger it poses to children and other pedestrians. Unfortunately, this not a problem that is unique to our ward. We are, however, continuing to work with the Mayor, the Police Department and the Traffic Department to evaluate and address these issues.

Q: You live in Grove Park, an area that is a part of the East Edgewood Neighborhood Watch (EENW). Tell us more about this watch and how the council is working to help support this neighborhood program.

Yes, I live in Grove Park, a community which merged with Edgewood and Rosedale to originally create the City of Homewood. The East Edgewood Neighborhood Watch, however, has been a great addition to our ward. It works with the Police Department to report suspicious individuals and activity, to disseminate public safety information to its members and to improve neighborhood safety in general.

Q: We Love Homewood Day is this month. What are a couple of things you and your family absolutely love about Homewood?

That’s a tough one. We love so much about Homewood. Although location is what originally drew us to Homewood and we love being able to walk to church, parks, shops and restaurants, it is the overall sense of community that we cherish the most. There is just something about Homewood that makes you feel like you have lived here forever even if you just moved in yesterday.


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