Name the caterpillar at Homewood Central Park

Anna Brooke Harris climbs her way to the top of the Homewood Central Park caterpillar.

For years he’s been an upstanding member of our community. In fact, some might even call him the unofficial head of Homewood Parks and Recreation. But nobody knows his name. It’s time to change that.

Citizens of Homewood now have the opportunity to name the iconic bright red caterpillar at Homewood Central Park. The statue has been the central figure of the children’s playground for more than 30 years. “We  really  see this as a fun community event,” said Fran Jones of, which is holding the contest along with NeighborGoods and Homewood Parks and Recreation. “We hope that everyone will get a kick out of having a part in naming the Homewood Caterpillar,” she said.

Individuals can make name suggestions at until April 9. A panel of local dignitaries will narrow the suggestions to the top five, and beginning April 12 Homewood citizens can again visit the site to vote for their favorite name. The winning name will be revealed on We Love Homewood Day on May 7.

“The caterpillar is such a fixture in Homewood,” said Alison Brown, a Homewood resident and mother of two young girls. “So many times we have been headed to the park for a play date, and I’ll tell the other moms to meet us at the caterpillar. It will be so much more fun to be able to call him by a name! My daughter can’t wait to submit a suggestion.”

Kathleen Camp of NeighborGoods sees this as an opportunity for Homewood merchants to get into the spirit of the occasion. “By all means, if area merchants have caterpillar merchandise, this is the time to prominently display it to show your support and enthusiasm for naming our beloved caterpillar,” Camp said.

Every child who has climbed to the top of the caterpillar’s head is bound to be excited for a chance to name it. It’s not every day you and your children have the opportunity to name a landmark in your city.


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