Homewood Antiques & Marketplace: Business Spotlight

By Anna Cate Little

Homewood Antiques & Marketplace

Homewood Antiques & Marketplace owner Chris Collins and her mom, Jane Kiker.

For more than four years, Edgewood’s old Village Furniture building lay vacant and lonely while rumors of what was coming swirled: Will it be a Trader Joes? A taco joint? Instead, last September Chris Collins and her family brought to life Homewood Antiques & Marketplace, a shopping destination that perfectly complements the charm and personality of Homewood.

Treasures galore fill the 10,000-square-foot space, from funky pots, benches and artwork scattered along the sidewalk to handmade gifts and stately antiques inside. Sixty vendors (and counting) inhabit the marketplace, and items are priced at exceptionally reasonable rates.

Customers can simply browse the ever-changing selection of rare furniture and décor or seek out a custom-made item from the array of artisans that offer their talents. Custom services include monogramming, engraving, upholstery, baby bedding, fine-art printing and framing, and furniture restoration, to name a few.
“We wanted a one-stop shop, something for everyone… new gift items that start at a dollar or rare antiques that cost $1,000,” said owner Chris Collins. “You name it, we sell it.”

With all the home renovations taking place in Homewood and beyond, this is truly the place to come and outfit your abode with flair and originality. Soon, an in-house decorator will be available to tie together all the marketplace offerings into one convenient package. Delivery service is also available.

Collins said the store is off to a roaring start. Already at Christmas, the “regulars” came in with their Christmas lists. “That was really fun,” Collins said. “We’ve come a long way in a short period of time.”

The ribbon of retail and dining at the corner of Broadway and Oxmoor has seen a boost in popularity in the past year with quite a few new businesses. As for the building, which has been two groceries and two furniture stores in the past, Collins knew it was just the place for her business. “I’ve been coming here since I was a teenager, so I already knew this space had the ambiance and character that we wanted,” she said.

Open seven days a week, patrons include everyone from after-schoolers counting out their change to moms with strollers perusing the kid’s corner to upscale decorators searching for gems. But the common theme here is Edgewood’s family-friendly atmosphere.

“This is a family effort, which is also true to Homewood’s feel,” said Collins, who works alongside her husband, mother, sister and son. “It has a neighborhood feel. That’s what we wanted and it is working!”

Homewood Antiques & Marketplace
930 Oxmoor Road
(205) 414-9945


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